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The Declaration Certificate is your first step to owning your digital identity. Bound to a contract backed by the legal framework in the PATENT for the people. When you claim ownership of your digital identity we provide you with a private dashboard as a foundation to grow on moving forward.

The Advanced Distributed Digital Identity Vault is a private and secure platform to manage your data. With this vault you have the ability to store, add and hold important tools that allows you to utilize all functionalities iOwnMe provides and more.

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This is your first step to control and monetize your Name, Image and Likeness. iOwnMe creates a private NIL Contract page allowing you to do business with others by implementing a unique way of interaction. iOwnMe also provides you with a custom QR code badge and card allowing you to navigate individuals to your page allowing them to set terms and agree to a contract.

iOwnMe utilized blockchain technology in creating several versions of different types of certifications using NFTs and the unique blockchain hash associated with each. First, we create your Dec Cert into an NFT. This ties you and your ownership to the blockchain. Then we can use the unique hash to create a Collaboration Cert, acting as a fingerprint on multiple entity projects. We also use your Dec Cert Hash to create a Content Cert and again can be used as your fingerprint on content going forward.

Hire iOwnMe to create custom shorts for you and your platform or projects. If you have an idea, we can create the perfect video for you.



Social Champ allows content creators to upload one time to multiple platforms. This is not only saving time but allows the creator to focus on the description and links and sponsors areas. Then take this one template and content and launch it to all your platforms .

DeleteMe enables people to aggregate their data /private information out of the hands of data brokers and back into your hands. This information is being used in those weird adds, texts and emails you get. This is a Billion-dollar industry. Now you are in charge of who sees your data and, in some cases, iOwnMe can help you to monetize this information instead.


LifeLock is another way a person can not only own their digital self but is an insurance policy that protects you if someone were to steal your identity. There are multiple policies to choose from to best fit your needs and life style.

Photobucket is a platform that allows members to easily and safely upload and store photos and videos. iOwnMe has approved photobuckets terms and services that allow you ownership and privacy. Unlike other platforms, photobucket does not use, share or monetize your content.

Patreon is a privatized social media platform that allows you to migrate off of public platforms and into a safe and private one. By utilizing Patreon to its fullest, members can monetize and create communities on a different level than normal conventions.

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