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iOwn.Me for you and your child

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Declaration Certificate and NIL Agreement - A Feature, Not Just a Function

As your child pursues their athletic dreams, it's vital to protect their digital identity and empower them to control and monetize their name, image, and likeness (NIL) rights. Here's why obtaining a Declaration Certificate (Dec Cert) and using an NIL License is essential:

•     Ownership: A Dec Cert within the iOwn.Me Private Community of Trust Network proves your child's legal ownership over their digital identity.

•     Protection: Attaching the Dec Cert to content ensures their intellectual property rights are protected.

•     Monetization: An NIL License allows your child to control and profit from their NIL rights through endorsements, sponsorships, and merchandising.

•     Empowerment: Obtaining a Dec Cert and NIL License teaches valuable lessons about digital ownership, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy.

The NIL agreement feature of our Declaration Certificate offers a personalized webpage linked to a unique QR code. It streamlines the management of NIL rights, crucial for any influencer in the public eye, like young athletes, musicians, and artists. This tool makes it simple to handle endorsements and contracts securely, providing an essential layer of protection and professional presence online.

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