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Q1: What is the main purpose of the legal framework within the Community of Trust (CoT)?

A1: The legal framework in the CoT establishes a structured environment that upholds the principles of self-ownership, allowing individuals to declare their digital self-ownership rights. It uses a specialized legal entity, the Community of Trust, to formalize and document rules for conducting business and protecting individual rights within the digital realm.


Q2: How does the CoT's legal framework enhance the assertion of digital self-ownership?

A2: The CoT's legal framework ensures that individuals' claims of digital self-ownership align with jurisdictional laws, giving them legal validity and protection. This framework establishes a coherent structure where the principles of self-ownership are upheld and extends them into the digital domain.


Q3: How does the CoT's legal framework leverage collective strength?

A3: The CoT creates a sense of community where individuals collectively assert their digital rights. By having multiple individuals declare their digital self-ownership within the CoT, the assertion gains collective strength, making it more difficult to challenge. This united stand can become a widespread standard for acknowledging digital self-ownership.


Q4: What is the purpose of the Declaration Certificate within the CoT framework?

A4: The Declaration Certificate is a formal document that serves as tangible evidence of an individual's declaration of digital self-ownership. It employs a repeatable method to timestamp the action, making it admissible as evidence in various contexts, such as legal proceedings.


Q5: How does the Declaration Certificate contribute to standardizing the concept of digital self-ownership?

A5: The Declaration Certificate provides a uniform method for individuals to declare their digital rights, ensuring consistency in the application of the IOWN.ME principle. This standardized approach helps in establishing a common understanding of digital self-ownership across different platforms and entities.


Q6: What role does the Network Privacy Patent play within the CoT's framework?

A6: The Network Privacy Patent validates the IOWN.ME concept through a recognized process of scrutiny and innovation evaluation. It grants legal protection against misuse or infringement, safeguarding the integrity of the IOWN.ME declaration when used in conjunction with the CoT's methodology.


Q7: How does the patent underscore the uniqueness of the IOWN.ME concept?

A7: The patent signifies that the IOWN.ME concept is not a mere reinterpretation but a pioneering approach to digital self-ownership. It highlights the novelty of the idea by linking it to provable documents filed with patent offices, strengthening the concept's recognition as an innovative concept.


Q8: How does the combination of the Declaration Certificate and the patent enhance the assertion of digital self-ownership?

A8: Together, the Declaration Certificate and the patent create a potent tool for individuals to assert their digital self-ownership rights. The Certificate provides a structured way to declare these rights, while the patent adds credibility and legal protection, making the assertion robust and harder to contest.


Q9: How does the assertion of "IOWN.ME" reflect the evolving digital age?

A9: The assertion of "IOWN.ME" represents a logical extension of the principle of self-ownership from the physical to the digital realm. In an era where our digital presence is integral to our identity, "IOWN.ME" acknowledges the intrinsic nature of our digital expressions and data, solidifying our rights in this evolving landscape.


Q10: In summary, what does the combination of the CoT framework, Declaration Certificate, and patent achieve?

A10: The combination of the CoT framework, Declaration Certificate, and patent provides individuals with a comprehensive and powerful means to assert their digital self-ownership rights. It creates a holistic, well-structured approach that enhances the legal, logical, and common-sense foundation of the assertion, making "IOWN.ME" an irrefutable declaration of digital identity and rights.


Q11: What is the relationship between Galaxy Cloaking, and I OWN. Me?

A11: Galaxy Cloaking is the Community of Trust Owner that offers a Declaration Certificate that declares I OWN ME.

(a detailed explanation can be found in the white papers)


Q12: What Do You Get for Your $240?

A12: When you invest $240 in a Declaration Certificate (Dec Cert) from the iOwnMe Community of Trust, here's what you are receiving when you purchase a Declaration Certificate:

1) Legal Coverage & Documentation:

CoT Legal Framework: This is the backbone of the whole system. It lays down the rules ensuring protection for you, your digital assets, and Galaxy Cloaking as the CoT Owner. These contracts and rules of engagement defines clearly everyone plays by the same rules and sets the guidelines for how to behave in a Community of Trust. Everyone is Trustworthy because of this set of rules that includes people being visible and can be held accountable per the rules of the CoT.

Declaration Certificate & Patent Reference: This isn't just a piece of paper. It's your proof, leveraging the Network Privacy patent, that you have self-attested you own yourself and taken legal title to your digital self. This means you have staked your claim on your digital identity (gold) and it’s possible to show the chain of custody. As a result, you can show you self-declared your ownership in a methodology and manner that could be legally recognized if you went to court.

2) Technical Guardrails:

Cybersecurity & Privacy Standards: In today's digital age, cybersecurity isn't an option; it's a necessity. No network is impenetrable, so the industry best practices including policies and process to help operate in a manner that is key to staying as secure as possible. The Community of Trust has rules and policies for all members to enable you and the entire community to be protected using top industry standards enabling your digital self to be shielded from cyber-attacks leveraging best practices.

3) Efficient, Streamlined Processes:

I OWN. ME Workflow & Platform: Think of this as the road to self-ownership. Through an organized system, we guide you to claim ownership of your identity without external permissions so you can self-attest but follow a Community of Trust methodology that can be repeated for anyone anywhere independent of industry or location. It’s like registering a deed, but for your digital self, in a system provided to you for the purpose of you being in control every step of the way.


Q13: Why Pay to Declare "I Own Me"?

A13: It's not about buying your right to self-ownership. That right is yours inherently. Instead, your investment covers:

Expertise & Infrastructure: Developing this process isn't simple. It took time, expertise, legal finesse, and advanced tech systems to create the

I OWN. ME framework. You're leveraging all of that without starting from scratch.

Legal Framework & Patent Rights: To lay claim to your digital identity in a self-attested but legally recognized manner, using specific processes to create the Dec Cert documents, and using the patent to establish your intrinsic rights in a repeatable manner is necessary to establish and document your right. You're accessing a methodology that uses the Network Privacy patent which is available as a “patent for the people” to do this effectively globally. In essence, you're

paying not for the right, but for the robust, legally and technically sound mechanism to exercise that right globally. It’s about ease, security, and global recognition.


Q14: How do I find people in my CoT?

A14: In the near future, this will be one of your choices on your personal Dashboard. There will be a link to a Community Dashboard where you can interact with others. You can also use Galaxy Cloaking Telegram page and Galaxy Cloaking Metaverse.


Q15: How do I get more people to join by CoT?

A15: We encourage everyone to use the downloadable videos to share on their social media accounts, educate others on your platforms and one on one conversations with others that share our views.


Q16: What can I do with a Dec Cert today and is my personal data, automatically attached to my Dec Cert?

A16: When you purchase your Declaration Certificate today you have taken the first step to owning your Digital Identity. Similar to buying a home, you acquire the title declaring you own the property. It is now up to you to do any changes or upgrades. We can help guide you in doing this with your Digital Identity.


Q17: How do I attach data to my Dec Cert?

A17: In the near future, this will be one of your choices on your personal Dashboard.


Q18: What is a schema and how do I use it?

A18: A schema is a fancy name for a personalized list of information. Depending on your profession, you will be able to upload information that pertains to you. For example, if you're a professional Golfer, this may be holes played, average score, pars, birdies, putts etc. For others it may be personal information like Medical History, Job History, Social Media information and more. It is also the code that you are in control of, that determines what is private, what is monetized and what is shared amongst the community of trust and interconnected third parties.


Q19: How should I store my Dec Cert and what if I lose my Dec Cert?

A19: You have a few choices; it currently is stored on a private secure network, but you can choose to store it on your own device, or on a blockchain. And the password that you choose is your access to your information. If you do happen to lose your password, you can go through a security protocol to re acquire your password and access.


Q20: How do I find out what new features of my CoT are coming soon?

A20: On the Dashboard we will notify you via email as well as announce it on Telegram and Twitter.


Q21: How do I use my Declaration Certificate now that I have it?

A21: Initially you can use it to link to any new content you create to your Declaration Certificate and offer it as a validated and approved by you piece of content to your followers and fans. Later there will be ways to link it to other types of digital assets and data including financial and healthcare related data. Over time all content/digital data assets from your past or future will be linked to your root proof of Trust ie: Declaration Certificate.


Q22: Can my friends purchase a Declaration Certificate?

A22: Yes, anyone can purchase a Declaration Certificate and move through this process to start owning and controlling their digital self.


Q23: Can I purchase a Declaration Certificate for my children?

A23: Yes, if they have a Driver's License or Passport. Later you will be able to obtain one for children who only have a Social Security Card.


Q24: Can my Dec Cert be put on a blockchain or distributed Ledger?

A24: Yes, today you can put it on Polygon Blockchain or the Hedera Distributed Ledger and leverage that ecosystem as you deem appropriate. Later you will be able to put you Dec Cert on any blockchain technology.


Q25: If I am a streamer or have an existing audience on platforms like YouTube or TikTok, how do I move to the Community of Trust approach and make money?

A25: One solution is using a private platform like Patreon, where you can have monetized memberships and how content is viewed. This also helps to provide a seamless migration from modern platforms to private ones.

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