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Functionalities for You

Our product page is more than just products, they're tools to help you going forward. Acquire a private NIL License Agreement page giving you the ability to conduct business from the palm of your hands in real time. Using the unique badge with QR code, you can direct potential clients to your private agreement. 

 Connect your Dec Cert to the blockchain by acquiring a Dec Cert NFT and create a unique HASH or bundle it with your Private NIL Page and save some money. This provides an additional layer of independent validation you declared I Own Me by putting it on an immutable record referred to as a blockchain. Creating this second unique ID number called a “Dec Cert HASH” is this second layer of authentication.

Using your Dec Cert HASH, we can create a custom Content Certificate and make a special NFT of it to prove you associated that content with your Declaration Certificate HASH. This enables you to use this as a fingerprint for your projects and content. These custom Content Certs are forever connected to your Dec Cert and validated on the Blockchain. You can do this again with multiple people who you collaborate with to show multiple people collaborated to create this new content. 

LOGO Placeholder IOWN.ME (1).png

This is called Collaboration Certificate. Again, we provide a bundle option allowing you to save money if you purchase both.

iOwnMe provides a unique service where you can hire us to create custom short videos and content for your social media platforms. Create one-of-a-kind videos to help advertise, educate, showcase or just a fun message to your community. If you have Social Champ, we can manage uploads to your platforms as well.

 Finally, the Advanced Distributed Digital Identity Vault (ADDIV). This vault allows you to upload and store all kinds of data from your multiple NIL License Agreements over time to  social media links, to NFTs, Word Docs, validation records of agreements, QR codes, all your custom Content or Collab Certs, to “how to videos”, educational content and the ability to control where that data is stored. In this case in a secured private vault that can be accessed from your phone. Data is not stored in the vault necessarily often it allows the user to track and shows where their Distributed Digital Identity exists across multiple systems worldwide.




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