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iOwnMe Community of Trust


Now you can choose the Community of Trust Vault package you want to buy. There are two to choose from. We recommend if you're a content creator or influencer to select the Private Authority (PA) and Advanced Distributed Digital Identity Vault (ADDIV) Bundle. This will enable you to store and upload your content data, allow storage for multiple functionalities that iOwnMe provides going forward.


Both Vaults come with Your Dec Cert and 1 year of storage service


ADDIV Can be purchased separately for $200. Bundle saves you $75

Your Declaration Certificate is yours forever and your initial purchase includes your Privacy Authority Vault or your ADDIV Bundle Vaults for one year. After one year you can either continue to use our services for a fee or remove any data from our system and store or create your own method of data information storage protection.

The Privacy Authority is $100 per year, The Bundle is $250 per year.

Please allow 24 hours to create your vault / vaults. We will send you an email with log in links, instructions and passwords for your dashboard.

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