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iOwnMe Community of Trust

Let's take 1 minute and walk through the process of acquiring a Declaration Certificate for your children. 

Step 1 Now that you have declared ownership of your digital identity, it is now possible for you to acquire one for them.  

Step 2 Similar to the process you did, we must first validate that your child is who they say they are. Once you purchase their Declaration Certificate for $300, (includes for free their NIL Private Page and Badge $150 value). You will then be directed to an information form. Fill out this form and then it will direct you to a submit button that accesses your email, before sending the email, attach an image of either their passport, school ID, or Birth Certificate.

Step 3 Once confirmed we will create their private dashboard and NIL page and badge and email you the details and instructions. Your payment Confirmation number becomes your child's Dec Cert ID Number that is now tied to your credit card. We recommend documenting this for your files. 

Step 4 Lastly, you can also purchase the ADDIV if they are content creators, influencers, social media guru's etc. as well as any product iOwnMe provides.

Remember to choose which Community of Trust you're joining and who referred you.

Your Vaults are CoT Branded.


Includes a FREE Private NIL Page and Badge
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