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Our Partnerships can help!

 We are establishing relationship with like-minded companies that provide service to help you tailor the way you do business in this digital world. One company is called Social Champ, they allow content creators the ease of uploading content through one link that posts to all your social media platforms.
 We mention to get off these platforms and migrate to private ones, but we also recognized this process will take time and using these platforms to spread adoption is still crucial. Using Social Champ is a great way to save time. We recommend using your unique HASH and Content Cert on all your content that proves without a doubt, that you are the owner of your content.


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 Another group we have partnered with is DelteMe, these guys know what they're doing when it comes to removing your personal information and search habits out of the hands of data broker's, putting you in charge of your information.

 LifeLock, Photobucket and Patreon are three more platforms we would recommend using. One provides insurance against identity theft while allows a person to safely store content like pictures and videos. By utilizing these companies, you taken the next steps in taking ownership of your digital self. Lastly a platform that is private you can migrate your followers to.

 iOwnMe is constantly looking out for better ways you can control, protect and monetize your digital footprint and identity. 


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