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iOwn.Me Key Points & Contact

Scott Yeager

Key points about the iOwn.Me Community of Trust (CoT) and how it enables individuals to create Title to their identity and use that to monetize their distributed digital identities:

  1. Community of Trust (CoT) Legal Framework:

    • Establishes a legally binding environment for digital self-ownership

    • Ensures all community members adhere to high standards of data privacy and security

  2. Declaration Certificate (Dec Cert) Process:

    • Provides individuals with a unique ID Validation number and legal title to their digital identities

    • Acts as a legal "title deed" for digital identity and data assets, formalizing ownership claims

    • Can be linked to an additional unique NFT hash, serving as proof of ownership for digital identity and content

  3. Advanced Distributed Digital Identity Vault (ADDIV):

    • Centralizes management and tracking of distributed digital identities

    • Provides a secure, user-friendly dashboard for managing digital assets and consent settings

    • Allows users to publish materials representing their social media profiles (e.g., YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook), generating unique Content Certificates linked to their Dec Cert and NFT hash

  4. Monetization of Distributed Digital Identity:

    • Users can control how their data is used for advertising and other purposes through the CoT Owner Browser and iOwn.Me Tokens

    • The NIL License allows users to monetize their digital assets linked to their Dec Cert

    • Content Certificates linking Dec Cert to digital past and future content establish ownership and control, enabling monetization opportunities.

  5. Privacy and Consent Management:

    • The CoT Privacy Authority utilizes open banking standards to manage user preferences and consent for data sharing through the ADDIV

    • Data remains in its original system, but preferences and consent settings in the ADDIV control how and with whom the data is shared

   6. Corporate Data Monetization and Securitization:

  • Enables targeted advertising, AI modeling, and other monetization opportunities based on user consent.

  • The platform aggregates and categorizes data, supported by the CoT legal framework, to enable the      securitization of digital assets. This creates tokenized digital securities that unlock liquidity and create new income streams.

  • By leveraging the Dec Cert unique ID attached to past social media content and the ADDIV for managing distributed digital identities, individuals can assert ownership over their digital presence and monetize various aspects of their online activities within the iOwn.Me Community of Trust ecosystem.

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