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Understanding your Declaration Certificate

iOwnMe has created a new paradigm for individuals to manage digital assets, privacy, identity, and brand underpinned by digital identity and data rights ownership.


Asset values of digital identity and data rights are rising and will continue to grow, especially for athletes, artists, musicians, and other celebrities.  

Establishing ownership and authenticity are critical to monetizing these assets. iOwnMe puts the individual in control.

  • Own and authenticates digital identity and data rights.   

  • Monetize these crucial assets. 

  • Protect these assets under well-established IP-based laws worldwide


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Establishing one’s ownership of what constitutes their digital identity and IP significantly strengthens and supports:

  • Name, Image, Likeness rights

  • Trademark or patent infringement rights

  • Copyright infringement rights (e.g., original web content, music, video, audio, etc.)


Owning one’s data and making individual determinations about one’s privacy becomes increasingly important as: 

  • The individual’s IP is valuable

  • The value of one’s data and various aspects of it have the potential to rise

  • People digitize more of their identity and other assets


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  • Instagram
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