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Please fill out the form below, please make sure to choose the Community of Trust you are joining as well as the person who referred you. The MetaMask, Venmo and PayPal fields are not required and are used in your user profile. This info is needed if you were to purchase an NFT or monetize yourself, we can compensate you. For Venmo or CashApp only input your PUBLIC handles, not your private info.

Please allow 24 hrs. for the creation of your vault. Once your vault is created an Email will be sent to you with a link to your vaults as well as your Username and Temporary Passwords. Please note we highly recommend changing your password to something more secure.

 Add as many Social Media links as you want putting a comma and space between. To add a PDF, JPEG or WORD DOC, attach it to the email created after you click submit.

Once Email has been submitted, you can leave this page.

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