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What is the ADDIV 
"Upload more Data"

Store and connect your data to your Declaration Certificate using the Advanced Distributed Digital Identity Vault. On your dashboard there is an add more data to ADDIV button. The ADDIV is a secure storage system we create for every member. When created we store your Dec Cert, Badge and PDF file automatically. This action is time stamped and documented. We recommend you document all your social media web links (URL) like personal YouTube channels, Facebook, Instagram, X and any other platform links, including links to your patient portals or banks log in pages (NO PASSWORDS OR USERNAMES JUST LINK TO LOG IN PAGE). Once you have created a file, then you can upload it to your ADDIV. You do not have access to the ADDIV unless you pay a Vault fee. Once you upload your data links, we recommend you now store the PDF of your Dec Cert, the EULA, Proof of Purchase receipt, NFT links and the links you documented in the same file and saved on an external hard drive for security. (PURCHASE AN ADDIV )

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Step 1: Before you click the link to add more data it is best to first document all the links you want to attach to your Dec Cert, create a PDF or Word Doc to upload.  

Step 2:  From your dashboard copy your Dec Cert ID number to your clipboard.

Step 3: Click the link to add more data and fill out the form.

Step 4: Paiste your Dec Cert ID number into that field and fill out the rest of the form.

In the field to add social media links simply type see attached.

Step 5: Hit submit, and it will open an email to

Step 6: Read over the email and make sure everything is correct and then attach the PDF or Doc to the email and hit send.

The iOwnMe Admin will upload your data links to your ADDIV. This information is stored on your behalf and can be accessed by you if you purchase an ADDIV or if you need the information for legal purposes can be purchased for a Vault Fee.




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