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Discover the Power of Your Digital Identity

You own yourself in the physical world and you have clear legal frameworks to enforce your rights. IOWNME enables YOU to claim those same rights to your digital identity and your digital assets.

(NIL) Name, Image and Likeness rights are especially important for young athletes, musicians or artists. Parents must establish those rights for minors. LEARN MORE

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We have a way to enable individuals to aggregate all of their data and attach the rights in our patent to their data.

iOwn.Me has solved the issue of uncertainty over data ownership and data rights.

We enable third party access to the owned, consented and preference data for monetization.

We have a patent on giving individuals legal title and ownership over their data traversing any network and using any protocol.

We have a legal framework linked to the patent to ensure enforcement of the individual’s consent and preferences and to provide an extensible repeatable framework for data sharing.

Regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in California, and other laws provide individuals with certain rights concerning online privacy. However, RIGHTS are not OWNERSHIP and CONTROL.

iOwn.Me empowers end-users to self-attest, using our patent, their legal title to all their data, enabling them to make individual decisions about its privacy. This provides direct control to the individual and allows people to claim protection using universally recognized property laws.

Patent for the People

By claiming "IOWNME," after signing the EULA which allows them to use the Privacy Patent, end-users of a Community of Trust network can self-attest they have legal title and rights to their data traversing any network using any protocol (both future and historical data). The patent states they can make individual determinations about privacy and monetize their data as they see fit.

I Own Me

Through a Declaration Certificate, that combines inalienable rights with the Privacy Patent, individuals can assert their ownership of digital identity. This transforms the enforcement framework from privacy, which can be intangible and difficult to prove, into a logical assertion of ownership. By leveraging the Privacy patent, individuals can state they assert their rights using well-established legal principles such as property rights, intellectual property, and contract law to protect their digital selves.

Root Proof of Authenticity

The system establishes a Root Proof of Authenticity (unique identifier number) that can be embedded in any digital asset. This identifier can be established as a new data rights protocol based on self-attestation and confirmed through adoption. This approach allows you to migrate from your centralized digital past to your decentralized digital future on any Blockchain.

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