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Going Forward

 Now that you have acquired your Declaration Certificate it's time to put it to good use. The first thing you have already done is agree to follow some simple rules. These rules are defined in a Community of Trust to allow you to do business with like-minded individuals like yourself knowing that they too have agreed to these rules. 

  • Don't steal other people's information

  • Don't use or copy someone's information

  • Conduct business online like you do in the physical world following well established rules of appropriate and legal behavior but applying them to the digital realm.

 Your digital identity is your business and now that you have taken ownership of it why would you continue doing things the same way you did? We at iOwn.Me have a few suggestions. We have created several ways and recommendations that you could use to help you going forward.​

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 One example would be for high profile sports or entertainment figures. We have provided solutions that allow you to change the way you interact with media, fans, and potential business opportunities. By acquiring a private NIL Agreement you can make the rules, agree to contracts, fingerprint your content including your name, image and likeness all tied to your Dec Cert and the patent. You also can link this Dec Cert to content in a Content Certificate and collaborate with multiple people to create new content linked to your digital identity in a Collaboration Certificate. These are put on an immutable record by making an NFT out of them.

 Another example would be to migrate and aggregate your content and information off of the mainstream platforms (YouTube, TikTok, X, Instagram) and onto private ones. Then going forward, have a unique signature for your content and monetize your own information and data.




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