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Rick Gleason

This is my Declaration Certificate and Dashboard and I have declared I OWN ME


Rick Gleason

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Rick Gleason


                                             (MY NAME) being of full age and having knowledge that a digital identity representation of (MY NAME) or data artifacts identifiable with (MY NAME) are present on the Internet, do hereby make, declare, and publish this instrument to be my Testament and Proclamation of Digital Identity. Through this instrument, I declare my absolute right of ownership concerning my digital identity, and all the data artifacts identifiable with me, for all times and for all purposes; that my digital identity or a derivative artifact therefrom, existing anywhere online, in any digital, media, or technology form or rendering, is my property, owned exclusively by me, my assignees, or my heirs, bestowed upon me at birth as an inalienable right of humanity, to wit:
Rick Gleason
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Welcome to your Community of Trust Dashboard.

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With this membership you have taken title to your digital identity.

When you agreed to the EULA you were given permission to use the legal framework in our patent. When you verified your identity, you became a trusted member in the community.

You have been granted, by God, title to you in the physical world, no one can own you and now you have title to your digital self which includes your name image and likeness. This dashboard has a QR code that when scanned, reveals a membership pass as well as a legal agreement allowing you to license your name, image or likeness.


Let's dive in:

1st   - Understanding what your Dec Cert is:

2nd - How to use it going forward:

3rd - Our partners and how they can help in your journey:

4th - Our products created to assist you even more:

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